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Biography - Victor Arriola (Jr.)     Guatemala Flag 

Victor Arriola Jr., born Victor Manuel Arriola Monjes on October 2, 1967 in Guatemala City. He is the youngest son of Master Artist Victor Arriola Reina.


His father began teaching him at a young age various techniques to develop his ability to express himself creatively. Through the years, Victor began to develop his own style, building from what he learned from his father and by experimentation. He was also influenced by witnessing the development and success of his older twin brothers, Carlos and Guillermo. At 17, he staged his first exhibition at Galeria Carla y Jose Coutiño.

Victor decided to study at Raphael Landivar University with a concentration in International Marketing. While at the University, he began practicing with oil pastels between classes by making portraits of his classmates. As his peers witnessed his artistic ability, some began asking to commission him to do portraits. Later, he decided to pursue a Masters in Art History at Francisco Marroquin University. There he focused on building his knowledge of the arts, as well as honing his own skills as a painter.

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While working on his Masters, Victor decided begin traveling to promote his art. During his travels, he met Lazaro Wasserman, a Gallery owner from Costa Rica. Lazaro saw promise and decided to exhibit his works. They quickly developed a relationship that stays strong to this day.

As Victor continued to bring his works to the International market, he traveled to California. There he found Carmel, where he was inspired by the beauty of the Missions. He began to paint them and immediately won a new audience in the Bay Area. His works are still exhibited in two Galleries in the area.

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